The Marryment Planning Guide.

Weddings have changed, and we’ve built a more modern and holistic way to approach your wedding day.

Here's What To Expect

I want to set the stage with you - This message is for couples largely planning their own wedding, with busy lives, and on a budget. They have embarked on their planning journey but aren’t quite sure where to turn first or where to go next.

Chronological, step-by-step planning videos you watch at your own pace.

Dynamic planning tools based on YOUR information and priorities. We use planning phases instead of generic month countdowns

Social media communities to connect with peers - NO spam or pushy vendors.

Group and 1:1 meetings with LIVE, professional planners to answer your specific questions.

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Celebrate “Your Big Day” With Confidence 🎊

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and because of that, there’s a lot of pressure. There’s a reason it’s referred to as “Your Big Day” - You want a memorable, meaningful, and beautiful wedding. It just feels like a really long, complicated road between here and there.

Hello hello! I’m Laura

I’m the Founder of Marryment. And If you're here today, I suspect there's a pretty good chance you're engaged - so congratulations! 🎊

Each couple, without exception, has a unique set of priorities, circumstances, preferences, and budgets that make your wedding special!

A blog of "5 questions to ask your photographer" IS NOT ENOUGH to get you through the planning process.

What if I could guarantee that there was a way that you could sit in the driver’s seat on your way to that end destination that you want - that memorable, meaningful wedding?

And to take that a step further, what if you could make the entire planning process - your entire engagement - a more lovely and relationship-strengthening experience with your partner? Maybe even have some FUN too?

Weddings have evolved, so should the way you plan. There's a better way.

Marryment is a deep-dive, step-by-step, how-to, empowering GUIDE through every element of wedding planning.

We understand the struggles associated with wedding planning at every level. Not just the event itself, not just the surface level how to plan a party - but all the high highs and low lows associated with this unique season of life. We have been-there-done-that 100 times over and we’re here to help.

Marryment delivers wedding industry expertise in step-by-step, chronological order - offering through-provoking questions, and common pitfalls to avoid - all so you can make educated decisions that are most authentic to you as a couple.

- You'll use planning tools exclusive to Marryment.
- You'll get access to webinars and on-demand opportunity to press with live professional planners.
- You'll be part of an exclusive community with no spam and no pushy vendors.
- And yes, there’s access to local and national discounts too.

At the end of all, you will push "print" on our gorgeous planning binder that we create with you every step of the way. You'll hand it to your day-of coordinator, and your vision will come to life.

Every piece of this program is designed to instill CONFIDENCE in a way that a static binder or blog could never do.

We know that empowered and educated couples not ONLY plan their wedding more perfectly, but their entire engagement is just an extension of that joy.

Your DREAM wedding awaits.

Marryment is ready to be your steady rock and a trusted advisor because hey, we’re in this together.

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Needs someting more Hands-On? Take The Traditional Path!

Stay in full control over your wedding decisions without all the extra pressure and tasks. Let Marryment handle everything!

Month-of Coordination

The finish line is in sight! Protect all the planning you’ve done (and the dollars you have spent!!) by having a trusted partner for the big day. Marryment will make sure your event is executed according to your vision, letting you be completely present and in the moment.

Don’t worry about the rehearsal, timeline, venue setup, teardown, or anything in between. You’ve done so much. Let us take it from here.

Always includes up to 10 hours of on-site, day-of-coordination

Most common investment: $1599

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Custom Planning Packages

We don't believe in "off the rack" for our planning packages. These plans are tailored to exactly meet your needs. With elements ranging from vendor contacts, DIY help, and to-do list management, we're here to help. You'll have the confidence of unlimited communication and personalized guidance all along the way.

You’ve dreamt and planned. We can help with the heavy lifting.

Always includes up to 12 hours of on-site, day-of coordination

Most common investment: $2950

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I have a few secret weapons that make this possible

Before diving into weddings full-time, I had over a decade of corporate project and change management experience. "What's change management?", you might ask. It's helping people navigate through something they've never done before, through all the fear, doubt, and challenges along the way. Ring any (wedding) bells?

During that corporate life, weddings were my outlet. I spent years before striking out on my own as a part-time wedding planner, coordinator, officiant, caterer, and bartender on the weekends. These different perspectives developed the leadership, creativity, calm demeanor, and sense of humor required to manage events! I feel like I saw it all, and learned so much along the way.

The greatest compliment I ever received was, "You're crazy enough to say yes, but serious enough to do a good job." I think of that often. The quality of my work will be excellent - I hold myself and Marryment to an incredibly high standard. I don't lose sight of the deeply human element of planning a wedding. I think that most things in life should be at least a little bit fun whenever possible. It's an art and a science, and I bring both to the table.


"Radiates Best Friend Energy"
Haley C. - September 2023 - Bride

I wish I could rate Laura 10 stars. From the very first meeting with her to even after the wedding, she has been incredible. Her response time to texts and emails is top tier, her passion for what she does is obvious, and she is overall an incredibly trustworthy person to work with. This is such an important quality in a wedding planner. She also loves to support any creative ideas you have! My husband and I had a few Easter Eggs we had planned to enhance the guest experience and she was so excited to help us make sure they went well. She's very easy to talk to, and the best way I can describe her is she just radiates best friend energy. She had the most creative and easy solutions to what seemed like the biggest problems in the world to me on my day, and solved any issues in no time, like a bridesmaid being unable to attend last minute. It's almost unreal how calm her demeanor is, even when surrounded by chaos and even when thrown issue after issue. She gave me constant reassurance we were on schedule, and making great time when I seemed stressed. We just couldn't have asked for a better person to make our day flow so well.

"Laura became part of our wedding"
Christian T. - June 2022 - Groom

Laura was an absolute SUPERSTAR. I was embarrassed at first having to call in help for our wedding, but honestly it gave me peace of mind knowing my wife-to-be could get some peace of mind. By the end of all our wedding planning, all of our guests kept coming up to me and saying how much they loved Laura... I'm recommending not because of how much Laura did for our wedding, but because of how much of a big part of our wedding Laura became. I would recommend Laura, in particular, to anyone planning on getting married!

"Absolutely AMAZING!"
Amanda Kriegel - Bride

Marryment was absolutely AMAZING. Laura was very attentive to what we wanted on our day and made it her goal to help us achieve it. I have heard many stories about peoples wedding days not always going according to plan but truly ours did and I will always attribute that to Laura. I would recommend Marryment to everyone with complete confidence.

"A Wedding Planner Who Is Beyond Excellent"
Paige Dawkins - Mother of the Bride

From our first conversation, I knew that my daughter's and her fiance's wedding was in wonderfully capable hands with Laura of Marryment. She took great care in being certain that she understood both the overall vision they hoped for, as well as the personal details that were so important.

Because of Laura the wedding day seemed to flow effortlessly, and that is truly saying a lot! Even when 70mph winds blew a window out of its track just before the ceremony, she nonchalantly held it in place while waiting for hotel maintenance to arrive. Laura is highly efficient, creative, organized, knowledgeable and a pure joy to work with!

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