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I saw some ugly truths in wedding planning - so Marryment is on a mission to revolutionize the industry.

I have a few secret weapons that make this possible

Before diving into weddings full-time, I had over a decade of corporate project and change management experience. "What's change management?", you might ask. It's helping people navigate through something they've never done before, through all the fear, doubt, and challenges along the way. Ring any (wedding) bells?

During that corporate life, weddings were my outlet. I spent years before striking out on my own as a part-time wedding planner, coordinator, officiant, caterer, and bartender on the weekends. These different perspectives developed the leadership, creativity, calm demeanor, and sense of humor required to manage events! I feel like I saw it all, and learned so much along the way.

The greatest compliment I ever received was, "You're crazy enough to say yes, but serious enough to do a good job." I think of that often. The quality of my work will be excellent - I hold myself and Marryment to an incredibly high standard. I don't lose sight of the deeply human element of planning a wedding. I think that most things in life should be at least a little bit fun whenever possible. It's an art and a science, and I bring both to the table.

Why weddings?

Because my greatest joy is to see others surrounded by love without a care in the world.

Your wedding is one day that, when planned well, can offer an escape for years to come. Some day, months or years down the road, life will hit like a ton of bricks. While you clean up your spilled coffee or the mud that was tracked in the house (again), you'll look up at your wedding portrait. In that moment, you'll be whisked away and your heart will be flooded with all the joyful memories from that day - everyone in their finest, smiling, hugging...

I know this is true from firsthand experience. While it wasn't cleaning up spilled coffee or tracked in mud, it was when I was in the depths of postpartum depression. At some of my lowest points, I would look at those beautiful photos with the people we love Weddings can be a fine tuned microscope, focusing on those things that are most lovely in the world...Friends, family, food, and fun...Drinking and dancing...Laughing and loving....

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