What is Month-of Coordination?

“Coordination” is the month leading up to the wedding and then being on site on the big day. This includes timeline development, final vendor contacts, and managing anything and everything at the wedding. Marryment really shines brightly in the coordaintiorn space, in part due to the amazing team that has been assembled. Each associate is equally and especially qualified. More and more time and effort goes into strengthening this amazing group so we can continue to help more and more couples.

Packages start at $1499.

What are your planning packages?

"Planning” as any work done more than a month out from the wedding date. This is everything from vendor referrals, contract negotiations, and getting all the pieces in place.

Packages start at $500.

What sets Marryment apart?

Planning a wedding has always been a complex affair. Managing budgets, choosing a trusted team of vendors, and ensuring every detail aligns with the couple's vision can feel like an overwhelming task - for ANYONE, let alone couples going through it for the first time. Marryment was built from experience with very high-profile, high-stakes, strategic corporate projects informed the structure and organization needed to pull it all together.

But a wedding is SO MUCH MORE than just putting on an event. It is inherently about PEOPLE and navigating one of the biggest changes they will experience in their lifetime. Being able to juggle all of the planning while making it a more seamless and enjoyable experience is where the change management comes in.

Marryment's approach offers a guiding light—a reminder to prioritize the journey over the destination and to use this time to not only create a dream wedding but also a stronger foundation for the marriage itself. You can create a dream wedding but also a stronger foundation for the marriage itself. By embracing growth, fostering connection, and navigating the challenges hand in hand, couples can rise above the complexities and emerge from their engagement journey with love, joy, and shared memories that will last a lifetime.

What is your background and what inspired you to enter the world of wedding planning?

I’ve (Laura) always had a passion for event planning and things started to take shape when I started planning my own wedding in 2017. I saw a lot of nasty truths about the industry that were really frustrating. Coming from a background in corporate project & change management, I knew that there was a better way. I wanted to take an approach that valued relationships over the rampant consumerism and predatory pricing that I was experiencing firsthand.

But even with all the challenges in the wedding industry, I was hooked right away! I took a wedding catering and bartending job on the weekends for fun, officiated a number of weddings, and started planning for family & friends. It was just a hobby to start so that I could stay connected to this world where I found so much joy.

What do you love about the wedding industry?

Weddings are truly magical celebrations that embrace life's most delightful facets: love, laughter, delicious food, dancing, cherished family, and treasured friends. These are the elements I wholeheartedly choose surround myself with.

And what do find most challenging about the wedding industry?

Affordability. Stress. Unrealistic expectations. Really, just a departure from celebrating the commitment that two people are making to each other. While I truly value celebrating traditions,  weddings have changed. So many of my couples express frustrations around “needing” to do things at their wedding that aren’t aligned with their priorities and authentic selves. My job is to bring them back to creating a personalized, meaningful event where they can create wonderful memories with those they love the most in this world.

Change Management…what is that really?

Yeah, sorry, corporate buzzword! At the simplest, change management is helping people navigate through change. There are tools and techniques, based in science, that I use in my planning approach. It’s rooted in open and transparent communication, setting expectations, and having all the tools necessary to get the job done.

The way I like to think about it, most simply, is keeping PEOPLE at the heart of all your decision-making. That extends to how I interact with my couples, how we think about their guests and vendors, and ultimately creating an event that is most meaningful to the couple. If you can remove the extra noise and focus on what really matters, everything goes more smoothly.

So you’ve mentioned affordability. That’s a really hot topic across pretty much all areas. How are you seeing that play out in the wedding industry?

You’re right. This is SUCH a hot topic. There are a number of things that couples are doing to address wedding affordability.

This is the era of rising costs and financial uncertainty - and it’s TOUGH for couples out there. Couples are tasked with making trade-offs between wedding expenses and other life goals, such as purchasing a home or paying off debt. As couples grapple with the balance between financial responbiilty and extravagant wedding costs, many people are looking for every-whichway they can to save some money and still have a wonderful wedding. This might look like DIY options, thrifting/borrowing items, bartering.

Another big area is guest count. I caution people to use this lever as a first method of cost savings because your wedding day is so heavily influenced by the curated group of people around you. YES, reduce your guest count to people you truly want to surround you on your day but do NOT feel pressured to make cuts if having those people present is important to you.

But aren’t wedding planners and coordinators out of most budgets? Why should couples hire a coordinator?

This! This is the big question and a hill that I’m ready to die on.

SOMEONE is going to be responsible for managing the details of your day. Do you want that to be you? A family member? A friend? Or a paid professional that has been-there-done-that dozens of times over?

Having a coordinator protects your investment - your investment dollars, your investment of time and effort that you have spent planning. A coordinator can help bring that vision to life.
Marryment’s mission is to ensure couples and their guests can remain fully present on their wedding day. Everyone deserves to be fully present on their wedding day. No matter their budget.

How do you do provide these services on a budget?

Another core tenant of Marryment is providing associates a liveable wage - making sure they are fully and fairly compensated for their time. This is HARD for small businesses, which are really the backbone of the wedding industry. To increase the affordability, I really focus on two areas: standard procedures and scalability.

What that means practically is that I’ve created easy tools that every Marryment planner can pick up and use. We don’t need to recreate the wheel every time. Every wedding is unique, so there are questions we can ask to understand your vision quickly and completely. Everything from FAQs to templates and other 1:1 coaching iis provided to make sure each Marryment planner is ready to provide truly white-glove, above and beyond service.

For couples, this is where the Marryment planning portal comes into play. These are online resources - centralize videos, tools, and templates - that couples can access anytime, anywhere. It distrills literal decades of industry knowledge into bit-size, helpful steps. The intention is to break down this huge goal into individual steps when they are ready - not too much information upfront to overwhelm, and not putting things off until the last minute. It’s about creating a comfortable and sustainable pace throughout.

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